To start with the posts on my blog, I decided to bring up a subject that is impossible to ignore when talking about art and photography in São Paulo, which is Institute Moreira Salles (IMS) and if you enjoy photography, live in around and haven't heard of IMS yet, well... you're wasting time, but don't worry, I'll help you out!


IMS is present is three cities: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Poços de Caldas, it's an institution that has a cultural heritage in four areas: Photography, Music, Literature and Iconography; But I will talk about photography, since IMS is considered to be the most important photographic institution in the country, hosting nothing more, nothing less than about 2 million photographs dating from the 19th century . The core objective of IMS is to expand and disseminate this giant collection throughout the country in formats like talkings, seminars, books, photographic exhibitions, instalations and etc.



When you think you've seen everything on Paulista Av., remember about this post and go as fast as you can to IMS ! Starting with the architecture of the building which is outstanding, an entire building was designed for this unit, they abused on the industrial style, with exposed structures in steel beams, burnt cement finish, glass everywhere, wide environments well lit and comfortable to receive you.

The entrance is through the main reception on the fourth floor that is accessed by escalators from the ground floor. There are seven floors in total, which are: Entrance hall with a Bookstore and a coffee shop, three floors for the Exhibitions instalations (more than 1200 square meters in total), an exclusive Library for Photography, a Cineteatro and some Classrooms for the courses that IMS offers.



Maybe is going through you head that climbing 4 floors of the escalator is boring, but I assure you that it's not on IMS! There are only two flights of staits and, as the building has a lot of glass, you can peak around on what awaits you inside.


You cannot go beyond the main reception with your backpack, but you will be invited to put your belongings in the free luggage storage. Ask them about the day's schedule, you will quickly be up to date on everything that is going on and where each exhibition is taking place.


"Before going to the other floors, take a selfie on the open 'balcony' of the main reception overlooking Paulista Av.! Posted on Instagram? Now you can continue :)"

The floors can be accessed by stairs or elevators, it's up to you! The upper floors are the three ones reserved for the exhibitions and the rest of the rooms are on the lower floors, excluding the bookstore and the coffee shop at the same floor from where you are.

web IMS Outubro 67 Edit
web IMS Outubro 72

WHAT TIME IS IT? ... "IT'S 2:20!"

If it was to define the exhibition The Clock for you, with just one word, that would be ‘Engaging‘. The Clock is not really a photographic instalation, in fact the 5th Floor exhibition gallery has been turned into a movie theater and I've never felt so comfortable watching a movie outside my home. The atmosphere is wide, with a bounch of couchs scattered on the place, I even saw one or two people taking a nap.


Unfortunately it's not allowed to photograph this exhibition due to copyright issues, but I'll tell you what it's like. The author of the work, Christian Marclay, spent about 10 years building a 24-hour film, called The Clock. But why is it called The Clock? I will let the IMS visual arts coordinator, Heloisa Espada ,explain it to you:


"Everytime the time is mentioned by a character or appears on the screen, whether on wrist, pocket, church towers, digital displays or cuckoo, it matches exacly with the real time where the work is being shown. With a duration of 24 hours, the work is, therefore, an immense clock formed by fragments of movies from the entire history of cinema. By showcasing a series of cinematographic icons, the montage has the power to activate the spectator's affective memory that can remain in the room for as long as they want." Accessed in November, 2017."

Precisely because the time for the characters in the films is the same time as your smartphone, you feel connected to the work, as if you were a living character of the film, an actor, but in the role of an observer! The proposal is to you realize the relationship you maintains with time and its infinite and unique possibilities that inhabits in each second. This work is just fantastic and the takes stir your emotions, if you want I can make a post on another day, analyzing this work better, but here we go to the next topic!



From the fifth to the seventh floor you are no longer in a 'cinema', but in a very different gallery, dozens of photographs, maps and texts on the walls, pages of giant books, some movies and physical books that talk about the photographer's work of Robert Frank.

"Robert Frank was born in 1924 in Zurich, Switzerland. In 1946 he created his first picture book, entitled 40 Photos. In the following year he emigrated to United States, where he worked as a photographer in magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Life, Look and Vogue. In 1948 he traveled through Central and South America, covering Peru extensively, from the Andes to the Amazon, including a rapid incursion to Manaus in early October of that year. Some of the images from his single visit to Brazil will be presented at the exhibition."> Access on November, 2017.


The exhibition is shaped like a big letter 'C', after you enter the gallery I recommend you start from your left side . You will go through the huge book pages and in the other half of the way you will find a hallway with several pictures of Robert's works.


I really enjoyed this exhibition, it has a very interesting point of view on documentary and street photography! It's a full plate for people who like black and white photography, like me 🙂


I am a sincere person, so… SURELY it's worth! IMS is an excellent option for you to get out of the same plances and get to know a different one with great exhibitions without having to pay for it, you could bring friends and family and even tha crush of yours. Ah, you don't have to be a photographer to go to IMS, but if you already shoot I know you'll find much more inspiration than just walking around trough Paulista Av., this visit gave me this post for you <3.


I couldn't end without saying that I spent almost 2 hours looking at the works of the great Henri Cartier-Bresson in a book at the IMS Library.

I took some pictures on my visit to IMS and you can check them out just below!


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IMS operates from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 8pm. The library from Tuesday to Friday from 10 am to 8 pm and Saturdays from 10 am to 6 pm. Free entry, has a bike rack, free Wi-Fi, accessibility, storage and a lost and found.


Address: Paulista Avenue, 2424 (next to Paulista and Consolação subway stations).

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