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This post is based on my personal experience photographing the Mayas!

Hey, doing good? I Hope so!


We all know that talking about 'Rave Parties' , with someone who are not used to it, the first thing that happens is tell calling us crazy, hippies and, unfortunately, sometimes even drug addicts... But how do you explain to them that this is not how things realli work?


So this is the first post of 2018 and I will tell you some things that happenns in a rave, focused on Trance, and then I want to know if you agree with this post, help me break down some paradigms🙂



Talking about rave parties and not touching the most controversial subjetc is impossible! I believe this is the first thought that goes through someone's head when you say you are going to spend a whole weekend at a rave, isn't it? If your family is more conservative I don't even need to ask you about their mind on the alternative side of your life lol.


If I say there is no drugs in partires, I would be lying, even with a rigorous search of security guards something always make it's in! People who had never been to a rave usually think that this is a place where people are gathering around exclusively to get high, if you think like that and are reading this post, be surprised on the following topics.


But let's be honest, drugs use/abuse is not an exclusivity on rave parties, drugs are present at our kids' school, at night clubs, in pubs, companies meetings and even family barbecues, it's a complex subject that cannot be discussed here in this post, so let's get going...


In overall the locations that hosts these parties are paradisiacal and far from great urban centers, they have a lot of green area, lakes, waterfalls, rivers and everything that nature can offer us as its best. Some festivals even take place on beaches, like Universo Paralello, have you ever thought about watching the sun rise in Bahia's coast?


If you think that a rave is having to spend 100% of the time on the dance floor 'raising dust' you are wrong. Besides being overhelm and tiring to spend a whole day dancing, you can do other things like going to the hippie market to buy some bracelets, rest at the campsite , enjoy a firepit at night or just chat with your friends in front of a lake.


But how come there are no fights? It is difficult to imagine that a place with more than 5 thousand people cannot have any problems right? Let's be wise and consider that an isolated incident can sometimes occur, we are human after all.


I guarantee you I didn't see any signs of turmoils while I was photographing Mayas, if something happened it didn’t take big proportions and it was quickly solved! The crowd is super willing in helping others.


Ravers tend to be peaceful and to avoid confusion, especially when it's a festival or rave related to Trance scene, which goes hand in hand with some spirituality concepts.


That one surprised me the most on my first time photographing and enjoying a rave party, yes I had never been and I've just arrived clicking the people haha, this is a long storie!


The people there are very beautiful so I believed there would be people making out like we see on clubs and at college parties and I couldn't be more wrong! Once in a rave, if you haven’t already been to several, you will notice that the crowd is really there to enjoy their favorite artists , their songs and to have a nice time together with their friends.


Yes, it can happen that you end up with someone and e, but don't leave your house if your intention is just to have sex, it goes for both genres!


Who would say so, huh? Don't be surprised if you find the children jumping in the middle of the mud or even in the middle of the crowd at the front, the little ones at parties lavishing a great amount of energy that you will feel envy and instantly remember your back pain.


Children who goes on raves are always with their parents and don't be surprised by their looks and tattoos, these parents are raising their children to become< span style = "font-weight: bold;"> adults who respect each other person's individuality, as well as their beliefs and life choices! Respecting the differences is a strong value whithin Trance scene.


At Mayas I did not saw anything related to holistic therapies, but on larger festivals they are always present!


Holistic Therapies are therapies whose handle the human being as a complete being (body, emotions, mind and spirit) and develops practices that works on the healing of diseases on at least two of these levels. Holistic therapies start from the idea that some physical illnesses might their have origin in one's emotional fields, for example.


So while you are attending a festival you can set aside time to get in reiki, massage therapy, yoga, hot stone massage sessions and even shamanic medicines like rapé!


My first time at a rave party was incredible and I can't wait to photograph festivals like Universo Paralello, Gaia Connection and etc! This is a magical world totally appart from what we are used to, it is very worthwhile to schedule yourself to see the trance scene <3.


Did you like the post? Do you have any suggestions? So leave a comment, it will be a pleasure to answer you!

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