05 Definitive Tips: Choosing the location of your photo shoot

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As a photographer, I know that the first question that goes through your head while you think about your photo shoot is about the location these photos will be taken isn't? But calm down, I'll help you!


Incredibly as it may seem this one of the first things I usually think about when I"m planning a shoot, location is super important and define the overall aesthetics of the work, you can't make mistakes on it!


Check out these tips to help you to choose the perfect location for your photo shoot <3


The first things you should take into account, before deciding whether the photo shoot will be on a paradise beach or in an old abandoned factory, are: your tastes, your hobbies, your dreams and what do you want to show with your photos!


Your photo shoot needs to be you, if you are a ballet dancer, wouldn't it be amazing doing a photo shoot exploring this side of you? Imagine yourself in an old theater, spotlights on, you dressed like a ballerina! But if you're a gym rat, just imagine how fantastic would be your photos been taken on… your gym?!


Look, there's no problem doing a photo shoot in your city park or in that coffee shop you love, these are also places that yields great photos. But if you are an urban person, is it worth doing it on the beach just because of the landscape?

02 - Indoors vs Outdoors

Now you already know what your "theme" will look like, so it's time to decide if the best place for you is somewhere outdoor or if a closed location would fit better, this should be easier, since in the first tip you already defined your expectations about the photo shoot.


If you're the gym typenow is the time for you to do a quick search you migh like, write it down on paperor send to your photographer your ideas . The same goes for you if you choosed the beach instead.


In smaller productions, the photographer will handle the logistics and the papers needed to the locations, don't worry!


Safety really needs to be taken into accountif possible, go with a trusted person to the photo shoot who can make you feel comfortable and safe. You could bring your boyfriend, a friend and even a cousin!


Both you will be focusing on the photos, so it's good to have one more trusted person who can keep an eye on your stuff and who will provide some help if something happens. In outdoor locations, such as parks, abandoned buildings and beaches, personal care should be doubled.


If the photographer isn't allowing you to take someone on with, run away! It's a trap!!

04 - Show reference photos

I guess you and your photographer have already talked a lot and the details about the photos must have been worked out, but it's always good to show some places you like! You know, remember that photo of an incredible place you saved on Instagram and that has everything to do with the gig? It's time to show it to your photographer <3


In overall, photographers have a spreadsheet with some locations that could bring some inspiration for you when building the "moody board", but don't be afraid to show your own referencesit's important when you get involved on the creation!


Is there someone better to give you some tips on fantastic places for you to do your photos than your photographer? I don't think so... Don't be afraid to tell your photographer what you want, after all, it's about your photos!


Talk to him, tell him what you like, talk about your weird ideas, tell about things you don't like on a photo, show pictures of places that reflects yourself, having it on hands, I'm sure the photographer will recommend a bounch of cool places for you, and if he doesn't know any, he will get his research done <3


This is very important! Some places ask for a permission form to allow to taking professional photos sessions and sometimes they even ask for a fee to be paid on advance,the amount changes from place to place. Nobody here wants to be “asked to leave” in the middle of the gig, right?


In overall, in Brazil, parks and public places requires a permission, so whenever you are going to do an external shoot in a place that is not a private property, double check with the staff of the place if you need some documents and inform your photographer to take care of it, again... the paperwork!


After these amazing tips I'm sure that now is easier for you and your photographer to pick the right location to your shoot! If you have any questions that haven't been answered, write here in the comments and I will answer you.


Did you like today's tips? So like it, share and leave a comment down here on the page!

It was a pleasure, see you on the next post <3


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