Fotografia São Silvestre em São Paulo


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When someone is into location photography it's practically impossible not to notice how that natural light interacts with the location, either on those abandoned factory sets or in those large flower fields within all the elements and colours building up the scene all together.


So thinking about it, in today's post I'm going to show you some of these amazing places in São Paulo and tell you a little about each one, because a bit of culture doesn't hurt anyone.


I swear that there is no other way to start this post without mentioning our ‘little darling’ of every portrait photography lover! Right now I'm challenging you to open your Instagram and have a look on #splovers tag and not find photos from this place, and it isn't by chance.


The Av. Paulista was inaugurated on December 8, 1981 to become the main avenue of a new set of residential neighborhoods in São Paulo far away from the busiest 'center' of the city. Once called Av. Das Acácias, Av Paulista was the first paved public street in SP and was once the stronghold of the great mansions of the coffee barons , 09 of these mansions still survived the time.

Fotografia em São Paulo Avenida Paulista
Guilherme Stecanella

The options for shooting there are endless! If you like documentary and street photography, there are a lot of stories to be told. But if doens't suit you the most, you can always find nice coffee shops, parks and incredible traffic lights at night to compose your backgrounds.


Paranapiacaba it's a city that has also survived the time, but unlikly the Av Paulista, Paranapiaca looks like almost the same as it looked on it's inauguration. It happened in 1874, still known as the Alto da Serra Station (High Mountains Station), arising from the need to be no longer a camp for the workers of São Paulo Railways, but to become a city to house the constant flow of people from the coast to the urban center.

Paranapiacaba, from Tupi-Guarani language, means "The place where the sea can be seen". It was one of the most important places within São Paulo Railways rail network , which transported people and heavy cargo to the Port of Santos."

Fotografia na Vila de Paranapiacaba
Vitor Padua

It seems cliché to speak of Paranapiacaba as a great place to take pictures, but this is true! In there you will feel like you are in a 19th century English city and the fun doesn't stop here. Beyond the city you can enjoy hiking trails and waterfalls nearby, it yields great landscapes tho.


Located in the streets of Belém neighborhood on São Paulo, this industrial village was opened by the medic Jorge Street in 1915 following the expansion of the Cia Nacional de Tecidos da Juta (a fabric industry). The villages goal was to house the factory employees and their families, having schools, one pharmacy and an entire structure to guarantee the resident's needs. The name of the village is a tribute to the daughter of Jorge Street.

Fotografia na Vila Itororó

Nowadays the village has a part that has been very well restored and another part that is still left 'abandoned', on my point of view, this is the best section for taking some pictures and if you like abandoned scenery, with rust and very old things, this is surely the go for you on São Paulo.


Accessed through Rod. Raposo Tavares km 28, the Zu Lai Temple is the largest, and first, Buddhist temple of the Latin America. In 1992 when Master Hsing Yun was in Brazil consecrating the Kuan Yin temple, a couple of disciples, touched by the ceremony, decided to donate their property so that the temple Zu Lai could be built and the teachings would continue to spread. But it was only in May 2000 that the construction of the temple, on it's current format, has began.

Fotografia no Templo Budista Zu Lai
Victor Ribeiro

Well, if you really enjoy including in your photos elements of nature, a feeling of peace and tranquility, go whenever you could to visit the temple. The place is beautiful, but don't forget that respecting another's beliefs is essential, the day I went to the temple there was a photographer directing a model on top of the sacred statues, do you believe?


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It was a pleasure, see you on the next post <3

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